We work to create a flexible system that allows you to enrolled for Summer activities.

Our goal is to create an Out-of-School community for your child that is safe, fun, enriching and creative. We visit museums, exhibitions, concerts and do long walks. We spend time on projects, games, baking, and art.

Our biggest compliment is that our students love to spend their time with us. That is how we know we are doing something right!

Accomplished teachers who have 20 years of teaching experience at the International Kindergarten
Sille, Eve and Maarika

In the center of Tallinn
Summer Club will take place on the premises and playground of the public kindergarten  "Sipsik" at P.Süda 6, Tallinn (parking is in front of the kindergarten).

To join the club, please contact
us info@5ckidsclub.ee
or leave your message here
Registration required 5 days before the planned week.
Email again: